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mint & flint. buy art & get access to succesful entrepreneurs, artists and venture investors. get access to a new establishment.


hello.what do you believe in?

Our mission is to break the old establishments that still today allow women entrepreneurs to only receive 2% of VC funding and women artists to claim 2% of auction sales. We do this in a perfectly circular fashion: a collection made by women artists, featuring women gamechangers, where proceeds will go to fund women-led funds who fund women ventures, helping them become successful role models themselves…and the cycle starts anew



Introducing the first and only digital art collection showcasing women entrepreneurs, role models in their communities (a.k.a. "Gamechangers"), depicted by women artists. The art and cause will be owned by a community whose members are supporters of a more diverse and equal world. With the raised capital and access to our community we will provide support to new women entrepreneurs. This will fix the broken parts of the current privileged and unaccessible venture world. This will, in turn, result in more future role models, entrepreneurs and make all of us investors in this change. Amplify women role models. Start the cycle.




Featuring 10.000 successful entrepreneurs, Gamechangers, from around the world, amplifying role models who are making headway and breaking down barriers. This collection is made by 100 of upcoming and established women artists, including Cayla Birk and Mick La Rock, from the contemporary and street-art sectors who will get a global platform and perpetual royalties.


Buyers will own a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), a digital contract for ownership of the piece of art, and access to the community including its fabulous entrepreneurs and artists. Proceeds of the drop (up to 75%) will be invested through the DAO token holders into women ventures across the world… and the best of all, as the women companies grow, so does the value of your art piece.


Whitepaper to be available soon. 

*With women we mean womxn - all people that identify themselves with she/hers

**More information on Affinity bias can be found here -

First drop:
Ode to the Web3 women.

Firs drop.

NFT to ode

We are not the first initiative led by women on the blockchain. Many brave women have seen the opportunity and rightness of decentralisation before now. It's only right to celebrate these role models in the first collection: "Ode to the Web3 women"

Let's build this community

There is no doubt there are many women founders out there and we need to shine a bright light on them. At the same time we should embrace the power of the group and fix the broken venture model. We aspire to build a community of supportive people, who love art, who love entrepreneurship and who love investing and who want to learn something new. It's about founders, it's about learning the new way of web3 investing, it's about you and us.

Be the change

See it as art, see it as an investment, a way to get inspired by, or giving back to women entrepreneurs, or see it as a contribution to your learning curve or a contribution in solving a systematic problem, to us it is all the same: let's start the change.

the gamechangers nft.

Purchase a unique piece of art portraying women that lead the way in their industries - created by both upcoming and established women artists from all over the world. Through this you will:

  • Own a piece of art that will increase in value with the fund itself and support women entrepreneurs

  • Get unique access to events, meetings or calls with Gamechangers, accredited investors and masterclasses with artist 

  • Be eligible for gifts, e.g. physical art pieces, music drops, subsidy donations, returns from venture investments

  • Be the first to purchase future unique pieces (staking token)

  • Be able to sell your piece on the secondary market

  • Through the DAO token get access to a coveted group of VCs and informal investors and learn together


All art pieces are connected to a NFTs (*), which hold a specific utility that is connected with the NFT through a smart-contract on the blockchain. Because the utility is connected to the NFT, the only one who can derive rights from this contract is the current owner of the NFT. There will be different kinds of tokens with respective benefits, more on this soon.


Coming soon: How to buy


(*) NFT stands for ‘’non-fungible token’’. It is a digital item that is linked to a smart-contract on the blockchain, thereby making sure that at all times there is only 1 original, and 1 owner.


We are targeting amplifying 10.000 women entrepreneurs (Gamechangers), 100 women artists, funding at least 50 women organisations and launching an awesome community that will be the new establishment.
Notice Board


  • Launch 1st drop: Ode to the Web3 women
  • Contract 25 women artists
  • Sell-out 2500 NFTs with community & DAO tokens
  • Start building community & NFT utility


  • Auction Hero Piece with an established artists
  • Launch 2nd drop with at least 5 well-known Gamechanger entrepreneurs
  • Launch the DAO and Invest in first 5 womxn-led iniatives
  • Sell-out 5000 NFTs
  • Have our first utility-based community event


  • Launch 3rd drop with new Gamechangers covering at least 20 countries
  • Invest in 10 women-led initiatives
  • Host at least 1 utility based artist event
  • Host at least 2 venture building event with established entrepreneurs and investors
  • Sell-out 7500 NFTs

creating the table. team.

The Gamechangers is an initiative founded by a group of creatives, proven entrepreneurs, successful investors, and techies who are putting their good name and effort behind the initiative, not in anonymity but in full transparency for the world to know.
The Gamechangers is founded with the aim to do good, to make a difference, to be there in the long run. A serious mission, a serious enterprise and a serious foundation.

jacky of all trades.
  • LinkedIn
head of giving away.
  • LinkedIn
gamechanger hunter.
  • LinkedIn
head of sm(ART).
  • LinkedIn
undercover CMO.
  • LinkedIn Bas Kemme
head of structure.
  • LinkedIn Vera Schut
heading analytics.
  • LinkedIn Tycho Dijkhuis
Computer Programming
smart contract.
  • Johan on the web123

join us. internships.

You will be working with the Head of Sm(Art) and the undercover CMO. You will help create sm(Art) and build assets for social media.

photoshop / illustrator.

marketing & communications.

You will be working with the  undercover CMO and will develop social media posts and assets to bring our project to the attention of the entire world.


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